Identity Verification

What types of identification does ORBA One accept?

ORBA One accepts over 800 government issued IDs including passports, driver's license, national IDs and voter IDs.

How does ORBA One scan a user's ID?

ORBA One uses Optical Character Reader (OCR) Technology to capture a user's information from their ID.

Does the format of the ID impact the ability of ORBA One's system to read and convert the information in a suitable format for the entity's core system that is being populated?

ORBA One is format - agnostic therefore, the Optical Character Reader Technology (OCR) has the ability to read and format the information correctly. Our solution also reads IDs in different languages; however, international IDs must be a government issued ID. In the event of an anomaly, our machine learning algorithms can add additional documents.

Does ORBA One prevent duplication?

Orba One does not flag duplicates, it however does not allow the same applicant, once approved to be onboarded again.

How accurate is ORBA One in capturing data from a user's ID?

ORBA One assures 99% accuracy. It doesn't allow the user to proceed unless the ID is properly scanned. This ensures the information captured is from the highest quality document.

Does ORBA One flag expired IDs?

ORBA One verifies the user only after they have the Liveness Detection Test; however, the system delivers a warning that the document has expired.

How does ORBA One check for fraudulent documents/How can fraudulent documents be detected?

ORBA One has fraud detection algorithms that do shadow checks. We assure up to 98% accuracy for these checks.

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