Quick Start - Web Integration

A quick start guide in implementing Orba One in your web application

Getting Started

Welcome to Orba One! We’re glad you’re here. The goal of this tutorial is to guide you through integrating Orba One into your web application. As we walk through that process, we’ll introduce and go over the underlying structure of an Orba One integration.

Create an Orba One Developer Account

To get started with Orba One, you first need to sign up for an Orba One developer account. Once you've signed up, log into your Developer Dashboard and create a new Orba One API Key.

  • Your public API key connects your client-side SDKs (e.g your web application) to Orba One

  • Your secret API key is for all your server-side libraries (e.g your backend server or serverless function)

Installing the Web SDK

Before you start integrating Orba One, you’ll need to install the Web SDK.

yarn add @orbaone/core

Create your first applicant

In order to get started with Orba One, you will need to create your first applicant. There are two ways that you can implement the verification process into your web application.

During the signup process

You can start the verification process during sign up by sending the applicant's first and last name to the Orba One API. From there the verification process can occur in the middle of your sign up process. Afterwhich upon a successful response, you can continue your sign up.

Sending the user information to the Orba One API

After collecting the applicant's first and last name, you can start the verification process by sending this information to the Orba API as a POST request.

Create Applicant

POST https://api.orbaone.com/api/v1/applicants/create

Creates an applicant with the information provided

Path Parameters


{ "success" : true }

Check out the REST API endpoints

Starting the Orba One verification flow

Great job, you've successfully created your first applicant. Now it's time to start the Orba One verification process. To do this you first need to render the Verify Me button.

You can do this in two easy steps

1. Import the Orba One SDK

import { renderButton } from "@orbaone/core";

2. Render the Verify Me button

  apiKey: "exampleAPIKey",
  applicantId: "0000-0000-0000-0000",
  target: "#button",
  disableStyle: false,
  onSuccess: (data) => {console.log(data)},
  onError: (err) => {console.log(err)},
  steps: ['welcome'],

From there Orba One will start the process of verifying your applicant.

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