Orba One

React Native

This document explains how to integrate the Orba One authentication flow into your React Native application.

1. Installation

npm install @orbaone/react-native-orba-one
# OR
yarn add @orbaone/react-native-orba-one

2. Linking

Linking is automatic, however, you still need to perform a few steps for iOS.


The Orba One SDK requires that the following permissions be added to the application's info.plist file:
<string>Required for Facial and Document capture.</string>
<string>Required for Audio capture.</string>
  • Ensure that use_frameworks! is added to your app target in your Podfile.
  • Run pod install to retrieve the sdk.


No additional setup is necessary.

3. Usage

import { OrbaOne, OrbaOneConfig, OrbaOneFlowStep, OrbaOneDocuments } from '@orbaone/react-native-orba-one';

4. Starting the Verification Flow

// Initializing the Flow with default settings
const init = await OrbaOne.init('publishable-api-key', 'applicant-id');
if(init.success) {
// Starting the Flow
const res = await OrbaOne.startVerification();
if(res.success) {

5. Adding Customizations

// Customizing the Flow
const verificationConfig = OrbaOneConfig.setFlowSteps([
OrbaOneFlowStep.intro, // Welcome step - gives your user a short overview of the flow. [Optional, Default].
OrbaOneFlowStep.identification, // Photo ID step - captures the user's identification document. [Default].
OrbaOneFlowStep.face, // Selfie Video step - captures a video of the user for liveness detection. [Default].
OrbaOneFlowStep.complete // Final Step - informs the user that the verification process is completed. [Optional].
// Customizing the Theme
colorPrimary: '#000000' <Hex String>,
colorButtonPrimary: '#000000' <Hex String>,
colorTextPrimary: '#000000' <Hex String>,
colorButtonPrimaryPressed: '#000000' <Hex String>,
enableDarkMode: true <Bool>
// Customizing the Document Capture Step
OrbaOneDocuments.passport, // this will remove the Passport option
OrbaOneDocuments.driverslicense, // this will remove the Driver's License option
OrbaOneDocuments.nationalid // this will remove the National ID option
// Customizing the Country List
'JM', // this will remove Jamaica from the list of available countries
'US' // this will remove the United States from the list of available countries
const init = await OrbaOne.init('publishable-api-key', 'applicant-id', verificationConfig);

6. Handling Verifications

componentDidMount() {
OrbaOne.onCompleteVerification((event: any) => {
OrbaOne.onCancelVerification((event: any) => {
componentWillUnmount = () => {


When installing or using @orbaone/react-native-orba-one you may encounter the following problems:
[iOS] - If you are using @react-native-firebase in your project, along with use_frameworks!, you may encounter an error with RNFirebase. To avoid this, add $RNFirebaseAsStaticFramework = true at the top of your Podfile.


See the contributing guide to learn how to contribute to the repository and the development workflow.